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Sicuro Pesa ICU Patient Bed

Product Name: : Sicuro Pesa ICU Patient Bed  
Product Code: : SICURO PESA  
Manufacturer: : Stiegelmeyer
Sicuro Pesa ICU Patient Bed

Sicuro pesa - the tiltable intensive care bed
The bed is part of the medical equipment on the intensive care ward and has to perform many demanding tasks. The shock and CPR positions must be able to be achieved in seconds, without any delay. The Sicuro pesa is therefore designed to allow quick, electrically powered adjustments in all directions. The backrest and lower leg rest can even be adjusted manually as well.
The Sicuro pesa can be tilted laterally to either side – by up to 25° (large image). This means that the strain on specific lung areas of the patient can be relieved to facilitate breathing – and the lateral tilt also helps to prevent pressure sores. In addition to such medical applications, the tilt function is also useful when repositioning the patient.
The advantages
In everyday hospital life, it quickly becomes obvious whether a hospital bed has been well thought out – and we have thought of everything, so that the Sicuro pesa makes conscientious intensive care easier to achieve.
The key points at a glance
A safe working load of 260 kg
Lateral tilting through 25° is possible on both sides
Patients need not be moved for x-ray procedures, since the bed is X-ray permeable
Quick, manual, continuous adjustment of the backrest and lower leg rest is possible
Convenient pedal for easy height adjustment

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