Patient Beds

PURO Patient Bed

Product Name: : PURO Patient Bed  
Product Code: : PURO  
Manufacturer: : Stiegelmeyer
PURO Patient Bed

Puro - more than just a bed

The Puro combines a user-centred design with simple operation and innovative hygiene features. The MultiFlex+ safety sides with single-hand operation and soft lowering of the safety side posts allow quick access to the patient.

Our goal is to provide a hospital bed that, besides offering the usual basic advantages of the product, is perfectly tailored to the customer's daily tasks. Working together with the customer, we also analyse the various work processes involving the bed, so that it can be used even more efficiently.

The advantages
The Puro’s attractive appearance is what always makes the first impression, but the bed's many technical and functional details soon come to the fore.

The key points at a glance
Soft lowering MultiFlex+ safety sides can be used as a mobilisation support
Modern, easy-to-operate handset
Flat design with concealed cables allows easy cleaning
Digital assistance systems lighten the load of care staff
Easy removal of the headboard and foot board for quick access to the patient

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