Stretchers & Transfer Chairs

Mobilo Patient Transfer / Emergency Stretcher

Product Name: : Mobilo Patient Transfer / Emergency Stretcher  
Product Code: : MOBILO  
Manufacturer: : Stiegelmeyer
Mobilo Patient Transfer / Emergency Stretcher

Mobilo - Flexible Stretcher
Mobilo is one of the most versatile stretchers in the exacting field of hospital applications. Its well thought out design allows it to adapt quickly and easily to the varying requirements of complex hospital procedures.
The Mobilo’s clever design and comprehensive equipment ensure a high degree of safety and comfort for patients. This means that the stretcher can be used not only as a stretcher in the outpatients’ department, but also as a bed for day patients.
The advantages
The Mobilo takes the strain out of day-to-day care. Not only for the patients during their short stay, but also for care staff.
The key points at a glance
Ergonomically shaped push grips enable quick manoeuvring
A backrest that allows X-rays to pass through
Four-part mattress base
Trendelenburg position up to 12°
Fitted with supply rails for attaching accessory equipment

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