Washing & Disinfection

WD 200 Washing, Disinfection and Drying Device

Product Name: : WD 200 Washing, Disinfection and Drying Device  
Product Code: : WD 200  
Manufacturer: : Belimed
WD 200 Washing, Disinfection and Drying Device

 Making reliably reprocessed instruments available – as fast and
economically as possible.

The demands placed on instrument reprocessing within Central Sterile Supplies Departments (CSSD) and in Theater Sterile
Supply Units (TSSU) have never been more stringent than now.

With a vast diversity of material and equipment to be cleaned, disinfected and dried, this volume is increasing all the time. CSSDs and TSSUs are obliged to make reliably sterilized articles available at the required time and place for any agreed purpose in the hospital as economically as possible.

The challenge
CSSDs and TSSUs are challenged with achieving higher productivity levels than ever before. As a result,
customers need a washer-disinfector that can process high volumes of medical devices, utensils and delicate
instruments quickly, efficiently and safely. Customers also need a system that requires small footprint and is
simple to operate and maintain.

High quality
Our customers’ requirements as well as current guidelines are our benchmark for safety, quality, efficiency and
ecology. This is once again highlighted by the new product generation of the WD 200. Exclusive use of high-quality
materials combined with careful workmanship make our products durable and robust. The best proof of this is the
scratchresistant and extremely tough glass front of our machines and the smart design of the wash chamber with
a minimum of welding joints. The device comply with international as well as country-specific directives, such as
for example the most important standard EN ISO 15883-1
and 15883-2.

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