Steam Sterilizers

MST-V Steam Sterilizer

Product Name: : MST-V Steam Sterilizer  
Product Code: : MST-V  
Manufacturer: : Belimed
MST-V Steam Sterilizer

The MST-V series of steam sterilizers is optimized for throughput and workflow efficiency. MST-V Sterilizers can be installed side-by-side, with no side or rear services access required, makin lean, extremely space efficient department designs possible. With a capacity of up to 12 standart trays, a width of less than 40 inches and options for fullyintegrated steam generators, the MST-V sterilizer is most efficient and compact sterilizer in it class.

* Ideal for OR's surgical centers and sterile processing department
* Three size available to meet you individual processing needs; 606 (26x26x28), 609 (26x26x39), 612 (26x26x51)
* Designed to be side by side allowing efficient use of tight space requirements.
* Options available to integrate with chilled water systems, reducing water consumption to 2.6 gallons per cycle.
* Electric boiler available providing contamine dree steam (Clean Steam), reducing the need for expensive chamber maintenance and extending the life of medical instruments.
* Ergonomic designed for ideal loading and unloading, easing staff back strain and repetitive motion.









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