Environment Disinfectors

Diop Standard Environment Disinfection Device

Product Name: : Diop Standard Environment Disinfection Device  
Product Code: : Diop Standart  
Manufacturer: : Diop
Diop Standard Environment Disinfection Device

DiosolGenerator STANDARD (coated generator casing)
Bio-Decontamination of rooms, surfaces and equipment through Aerosol-Cold-Fogging-Technology with H2O2

Mobile, electrically operated device for room and surface disinfection purposes

Allowable disinfectants: Diosol 3, Diosol 6, Diosol 8, Diosol 12 und Diosol 19
Suitable for: Fully-automated decontamination of small and medium-sized rooms (up to 270 m3,
upgrade to 450 m3)
Dimensions: Height (800 mm), Width (390 mm), Depth (300 mm), Weight (20 kg) without disinfectant
Power supply: Voltage (230 V), Frequency (50/60 Hz), Power 350 W
Maximum volume for disinfectants 1kg bottle, 5 kg container
Noise level: 62 dB
Dry air compressor, without oil: 1,6 m3/h
Consumption of disinfecting agents: 1800 ml/h (this corresponds to an average of 2-4 ml/m3)

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