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Diop Pharma Environment Disinfection Device

Product Name: : Diop Pharma Environment Disinfection Device  
Product Code: : Diop Pharma  
Manufacturer: : Diop
Diop Pharma Environment Disinfection Device

DiosolGenerator Pharma (High quality steel casing) for clean rooms and pharma production.
Decontamination system with special electronic components

of clean rooms, pharma production, surfaces and equipment through Aerosol-Cold-Fogging-Technology with H2O2

Mobile, electrically operated device for room and surface disinfection purposes. Made of high quality steel in accordance with clean room requirements. Developed in cooperation with pharma industry experts. This disinfection system includes various electronic control mechanisms for the clean room area.

Allowable disinfectants: Diosol 3, Diosol 6, Diosol 8, Diosol 12 und Diosol 19
Suitable for: Fully-automated decontamination of small and medium-sized rooms (up to 450 m3),
Dimensions: Height (800 mm), Width (390 mm), Depth (320 mm), Weight (30 kg) without disinfectant
Power supply: Voltage (230 V), Frequency (50/60 Hz), Power 350 W
Maximum volume for disinfectants 1kg bottle, 5 kg container
Noise level: 62 dB
Dry air compressor, without oil: 1,6 m3/h
Consumption of disinfecting agents:1800 ml/h (this corresponds to an average of 2-4 ml/m3) 

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