Yıkama & Dezenfeksiyon

CS 750 Yıkama, Dezenfeksiyon ve Kurutma Cihazı

Ürün Adı: : CS 750 Yıkama, Dezenfeksiyon ve Kurutma Cihazı  
Ürün Kodu: : CS 750  
Ürün Markası: : Belimed
CS 750 Yıkama, Dezenfeksiyon ve Kurutma Cihazı

Belimed presents the new CS 750 system, accessible at floor level, for cleaning, disinfection and drying of transport carts, containers, OR shoes, OR tables and beds. Standard-compliant as well as faster and more cost-effective now than ever before, it supersedes the Kleindienst/Belimed CLEANSTATION of which over 1000 were installed.

The new construction is the result of rigorous implementation of the EN ISO 15883-1/-7 standard. The novel system of nozzles guarantees best possible cleaning results and reliable disinfection. In combination with powerful high-performance drying, the new CLEANSTATION’s intelligent tank technology leads to programme times of under 10 minutes.

The horizontal green glass sliding doors allow permanent visual monitoring of the processes. The operating panel is situated at optimum height from an ergonomic point of view and offers easy menu navigation. Important process data, such as remaining run time, readiness for loading/unloading or warning messages, can easily be seen even from a distance by virtue of a large status display.

The CS 750’s compact construction design features an ideal relation between payload space and space required. Depending on the nature of the items to be washed on a regular basis, the best option can be selected from a whole range of different chamber dimensions in terms of length and width. Capacity can be increased by linking up 2 to 5 CS 750 modules, as required, to form a multi-chamber system with conveyor.

Another advantage of the system is its servicing convenience. Housed in a servicing space which can optionally be located on the right or left, aggregates and control system are easily accessible.

The new CLEANSTATION generation places particular value on intelligent resource management, which in turn reduces operating costs – added value for our customers.

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